With twenty years in factual audio as a radio producer and podcast producer, I make documentaries, podcasts and audiobooks.  
I've produced President Obama for BBC Sounds, David Attenborough for BBC World Service, helped tell the story of the Space Race for Audible Originals and this year made podcasts for Hauser & Wirth, The River Cafe and The Economist as well as two major arts series for BBC Radio 4. These are my 2021 highlights - let me know if I can help you in 2022.
The Economist
River Cafe Table 4
The Arts Hour: David Attenborough
Barack Obama Talks to David Olusoga
Curating the Future

I cover history, politics, finance, science, art, current affairs and society, with recent podcasts and programmes on Medieval England, US/China trade wars, women in politics, cutting-edge tech and the Art Market. 


But whatever the subject, my specialism is the same - turning complex subjects into a fantastic listen. 

In 2021 I got a dream project, Future Art, commissioned and on air - a three-part series on art and technology presented by the wonderful James Fox, broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and available on BBC Sounds. Over the next few months, I'll be working on In Our Time and The Long View for Radio 4 and the Checks and Balance podcast at The Economist. 

Whatever your next project, let me know if I can help.